The Power Of Mobility. How Your Business Can Compete And Win In The Next Technology Revolution

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Praise For The Power of Mobility: How Your Business Can Compete and Win in the Next Technology Revolution «Mobility is the next technology force that is redefining how businesses operate

Going forward, the winners will be 'anywhere enterprises' that learn how to combine the Power of Mobility with broadband connectivity to create competitive advantage

In The Power of Mobility, Russell McGuire provides that clear guidance without the 'technospeak.' Clint Parr, Chief Executive Officer and President, Anyware Mobile Solutions Companies that figure out how to keep employees connected and leverage context have the opportunity to outperform their peers in the marketplace

Jin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer President, TeleNav Inc

Karen Pennington, Vice President, Student Development and Campus Life, Montclair State University For many professionals, the workplace is no longer a 'place, ' and the work day is no longer a 'day.' The Power of Mobility shows us that companies that recognize this fundamental shift are in the best position to take advantage of mobility to increase business agility, transform the way they serve customers, and enable exciting new business models. Don Proctor, Senior Vice President, Collaboration Software Group, Cisco What businesses need is a plain English explanation of the new values and disciplines of the

Russell's book lays out a straightforward road map for how to do just that. Berge Ayvazian, Chief Strategy Officer, Yankee Group Our experience has proved that integrating the mobility of our services into the lives of students creates tremendous opportunities and new value

The Power of Mobility explains what this all means in simple terms, describes how companies can build mobility into their businesses, and provides helpful examples for those wanting to gain competitive advantage. H.P

The ideas presented in this book will serve organizations and businesses of all types well as they explore the innovative growth that can come with the Power of Mobility. Dr

The Power of Mobility prepares you, in a step-by-step fashion, to interpret the opportunity presented by mobility into your firm's environment. Danny Briere, Chief Executive Officer, Telechoice